Fully Equipped Gym and Training Facility in Stockport, Cheshire – Become a Member Today

Enjoy the ultimate training facility to achieve your fitness goals or simply improve your abilities. Based in Stockport, Cheshire, our gym offers a variety of exercise classes and programmes from beginner and intermediate to advanced.

Group Training

The unique group training membership options from The Locker Fitness are perfect for when you want to achieve great results and train in a friendly and motivating environment without the large price tag. Our Locker Community sessions have a maximum capacity of 6 participants to ensure that you receive our personal trainer’s complete attention.

Tailored Fitness Programmes

By utilising our ‘Fitter, Stronger, Faster’ model, we bring you bespoke training programmes to fit your exact needs. Working in 12-week cycles while focusing on different aspects of your performance, every part of our programme contributes to making you a happier, healthier, and stronger version of yourself.

Within your membership, you gain access to a closed social network full of individuals on the same path as you to share ideas and results as well as monthly seminars.

We do everything in our power to open all these doors for you and make your journey as smooth as possible. All you need to do is walk through those doors.

The Gym

Our gym is filled with unconventional and exciting training equipment, unlike your bog-standard, budget gym with the cheapest kit possible. Instead of lots of treadmills and cross trainers row after row, we bring you functional strength kits with a large, open astroturf space complete with:

  • Prowlers
  • Sleds
  • Drag Harnesses
  • Tyres
  • Battle Ropes 

We pride ourselves on our range of amazing kit along with a host of highly qualified, friendly trainers and a high-energy atmosphere in the gym every day. Forget the common feeling of apprehension and intimidation in the gym, as our private facility caters to those who desire a more personal service as well as an environment where they can work out without any discomfort or distractions.

Searching for a home away from home? Then you’ve come to the right place. All you have to do is push yourself to join that first session, and we guarantee that you’ll be hooked.